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Little Guests Australia

Little Guests Australia

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We provide professional quality care in a safe environment for little guests while making sure they are having just as much fun as the big guests.

Little Guests Australia offers two childminding services,

1) Kid’s Corner –  Let your little guests join in with the celebrations.

We will set up a beautiful play space in a corner of the event environment. We will provide toys and games and activities to keep the Little Guests busy and entertained with parents/ carers free to visit with their child or be happy knowing they are in the same space. 

 2) Total Care – Treat your Guests to a full childminding service, so they can enjoy celebrating this special event with you without the worry of their little ones.
We will operate in a separate room, in the same venue as the event. We will be available from the start of the event right up to the end.

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